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Sample 1st Paragraph Colorectal Surgery, Iraqi Woman Doctor

Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, I am a 36-year-old woman who is above all else a very dedicated surgeon. My contribution to the battle against cancer has increasingly become centered on colorectal surgery and I wish very much to continue cultivating a lifetime specialization in this area. I am currently a general surgery resident at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City where I serve the most diverse patient population one can imagine in three different NYC locations. 

The SSAT 2nd Annual Surgical Fellowship Fair

Statements of Excellence for Residency & Fellowship Positions on Behalf of Applicants in Colorectal Surgery

I have invested well over a decade in researching what makes the personal statement for medical residency or fellowship as effective as possible - especially in the area of colorectal cancer surgery. I invite you to fill out my Online Interview Form and send me your CV and/or rough draft for a free evaluation:

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Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Published on Jun 2. Our International Clinical Fellowship Programme (ICFP) offers clinical training to doctors from outside Ireland who are sponsored by their government, hospital or national training body. The I

The Humanitarian Side of Colon & Rectal Medicine

There are so many pressures in the health care environment, that reaching out and satisfying your humanitarian interests may seem impossible at times. However, there are many ways to balance the dichotomy of humanitarian service, private business enterprise and the professional ethic codes that govern the practice of medicine.

Attend Conferences And Network

You may have been to conferences, perhaps even an annual colon and rectal symposium or a similar event, where humanitarian awards are handed out. Perhaps you´re wondering how these physicians manage to fit their humanitarian work in around their usual duties. Why not approach them and ask them? If you want to get involved, you could offer to help out and volunteer your services when chatting to other doctors with a passion for humanitarian work.

Adapting Your Work

Some locum tenens positions offer doctors with time between assignments to pursue personal and humanitarian interests, like this one, for example. Are you at a time in your career when you could do this? The decision is yours to make. Taking a year or a specific amount of time out of full time practice for humanitarian work could afford you a great deal of personal satisfaction and help you concentrate on a project and see it to fruition.


Volunteering abroad is another way surgeons and colorectal experts can participate in annual trips, like that organized by HELPS International. Hemorrhoid Surgery Center of Excellence´s Gary Hoffman, MD, went to Guatemala in 2013 on a mission to treat medical problems in one of Guatemala´s rural indigenous areas. The team he was accompanied by performed over 100 surgeries. HELPS International is a nonprofit organization that recruits volunteers to work in Central and Latin America, and many members of La Peer Health Systems travel together annually as a result of their commitment to helping underprivileged populations with their urgent medical needs.

Get Into Research

The Research Foundation of the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons provides grants for members seeking to make advancements in the field of colorectal surgery, and has raised over $5 million to do so. If research fires you up, why not apply?

Think Local

Humanitarian work doesn´t have to be performed somewhere far away. There are always opportunities to do pro bono work for low-income patients. Dr. Maz Ghodsian, D.O, J.D, F.C.L.M, for example – who offers expert treatments for anal pain, hemorrhoids and anal beauty lends his expertise and services to several local projects, including La Amistad de Jose Family Health Center and St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, CA. He is also a founding member of the nonprofit Obesity Free Foods Association, which works to change the way the food manufacturing industry produces food, emphasizing natural ingredients, portion control and nutritive choices.