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Blog posts : "Anesthesiology Residency"

Residency in Anesthesiology, Indian Applicant

I feel strongly that I am a solid candidate and fully qualified for a residency position in your distinguished and competitive Anesthesiology Program due to the intense dedication that I have to the cause of medical education as well as practice and research. Fully devoted to lifelong education in m…

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Residency Anesthesiology, Middle Eastern Immigrant

I hope to be selected to a residency program primarily on the basis of the fact that

I eat, sleep, and breathe Anesthesiology, spending almost all of my free time reading about advancements in our area of medicine. This is what I see as my first and foremost qualification as a candidate to your p…

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Residency Anesthesiology, Indian Anesthesiologist

I like to think of myself as India’s hardest working Anesthesiologist in my current position with XXXX Care Hospital in Rajm, Srikakulam, India. I am very proud of the great strides that have been made in my country in the area of anesthesia over the course of the last few decades, taking into consi…

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Residency Anesthesiology, Japanese Doctor

I am a young doctor from Japan who is certified by the Japanese Board of Anesthesiology. A hard worker, I am known for always being diligent, cheerful and positive. I have perfected my English over the years through lengthy stays in New Zealand where I was immersed in English. As an accomplished…

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