Residency Anesthesiology, Indian Anesthesiologist

I like to think of myself as India’s hardest working Anesthesiologist in my current position with XXXX Care Hospital in Rajm, Srikakulam, India. I am very proud of the great strides that have been made in my country in the area of anesthesia over the course of the last few decades, taking into consideration that India did not even have its first ICU unit until 1963. Now there are ICUs in every town and in all major hospitals. Anaesthesiologists now also play increasingly important roles.

I am certain that with my extensive experience and extremely high energy level, always maintaining a constantly sharp and dedicated focus, I have much to offer to your equally high energy residency program. I have learned a great deal through my extensive hands on experience in perioperative care, intensive care, pain and palliative care, and trauma as well as emergency medicine care. Last week I was called into our emergency room for the intubation one of a patient with chronic lung problems. His saturations were not maintaining, I tried vocal cords, nothing visible, it was not until the third attempt that I met with success, something extremely unusual; yet the lift that success brought was one of the sweetest moments in my life. Nothing comes close for me to the share joy that I experience in life; the sum total of my personal as well as professional dignity is measured by the technical perfection of each intubation.

Becoming the very finest anesthesiologist possible has been my central goal in life since early on in medical school, since I enjoy the technical aspects and challenges associated with our discipline as well as the profound humanity involved in taking away the pain of the patient who undergoes surgery. I now feel strongly that I have learned the most important basics of practicing anesthesiology so that I have an excellent foundation upon which to be of great service to your distinguished institution in every way that I can, as my first and only priority. I need to practice anesthesiology in the West in order to become the best that I can, to better understand the international aspects of medicine and to better learn how the practice of anesthesiology in India might benefit through closer collaboration and the sharing of basic ideas between our health systems. My current position is my first residency position in India for two years and it will soon be drawing to a close and I hope very much to next begin practicing in the USA.

A large part of the patients that I have seen over the course of the last two years have been obstetric cases, some in severe shock, one patient stands out for the severity of her post partum hemorrhaging posted for emergency hysterectomy with low hemoglobin, barely breathing. We saved her life through induction with ketamine, scoline intubation maintained with vecuronium, oxygen, and nitrous oxide. India has its share of violence to which I have unfortunately grown accustomed and our emergency care duties increase at night. I have spent countless nights dealing with patients with  blunt injury wounds to the abdomen, perforations, and strangulation cases; all in addition to the more common emergency caesarian cases, placenta previa, abruptio placenta, fetal distress, extra Dural hematoma, and neurosurgery cases.

It would be a profound honor for me to be granted an interview with your program so that I might be able to explain in greater detail the way in which my extensive experience could help me to serve as a most valuable asset to your program.

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