Fellowship Cardiology, Saudi Doctor


I am a physician from Saudi Arabia currently in my third year of a residency program at the University of XXXX, Canada. I hope very much to be selected for your distinguished fellowship program in Cardiology so as to be able to make my maximum, long term contribution to medicine in this field and in this way serve not only the international medical community but also pay special attention to cardiological issues in my home country of Saudi Arabia when I return later in my career to help. After receiving the finest training possible here in Canada, I want to return to Saudi Arabia to address the fact that Coronary heart disease constitutes one of the main health problems in my country, representing the third most common cause of hospital-based mortality. I find the sheer scope of the problem especially challenging.

I am turning 30 years old, married with one child, I feel strongly that I have a lot to give to a fellowship program, full energy, long hours; highly stable and extremely dedicated to cardiology, I especially thrive on research. My most recent publication has been a case report concerning Ictal Asystole that I completed along with Dr. XXX at XXXX University. My most immediately relevant experiences have been my cardiology rotations at XXXX University Hospital, London, Canada beginning in August of 2011 along with a one month cardiology elective at XXXX Hospital, Toronto, Canada, April through May of 2013. I have also completed CCU electives at the Ottawa Heart Institute, Calgary University, and XXXX University Hospital, London, Canada.

Already by the time that I graduated from medical school in Saudi Arabia, I had a strong sense that cardiology would become my chief life’s work and central research preoccupation. Since my graduation, I have done everything within my power to become the greatest physician that it is possible for me to become, to do the very best that I can with each challenge that I am presented. Currently in my third year at the University of Western Ontario, I have done extra rotations in both cardiology and coronary care units, in order to enhance my skills in this particular area as much and as quickly as possible. I have also been engaged with several research projects, conferences and seminars to make certain that I stay up to date with developments in cardiology and all closely related fields, constantly broadening my knowledge base and experiential tool kit.

My ultimate plan is to go back home to Saudi Arabia, once I feel confident that I have reached the highest level of training and mastery in cardiology that I possibly can. I promised myself a long time ago to struggle mightily to do my very best not only at serving humanity generally speaking, but also the Arab people, particularly those in my own country.

I am a highly self motivated and determined individual and I look forward to the ongoing social and academic challenges of cardiology. One of the reasons that I am optimistic about being able to meet any challenge that will come my way is the full support that I receive from my family. I am aware of the rigorous demands of your program but my commitment and desire has risen to such an extent that I am certain that I will excel if given the opportunity.

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