Fellowship Pulmonary/Critical Care, Yemeni

A doctor of humble origins in my native Yemen, I was able to leave and become an internationally trained doctor, first in Egypt where I finished medical school and later in Qatar where I have completed a 4 year residency position in internal medicine and I am now completing a fellowship in pulmonary medicine. I have also spent 2 years in the USA and I am a highly competent communicator in English. My long term goal is to someday return to my native Yemen, where I feel that I am needed most as a physician. Completing your distinguished fellowship program in Pulmonary/Critical Care will be the crowning achievement of my life so far and will prepare me to make my ultimate contribution to medicine for the long term in one of the world’s poorest and unstable countries.

I enjoyed very much the great privilege of spending two years in the US in 2007 and 2008; going there to finish my USMLE steps 2 and 3 and to apply for residency training. I joined the University of Illinois Medical Center as an observer in the area of geriatric medicine to watch closely how residents and fellows conduct themselves during their rotations, hoping to find some connections for introductions to programs. I applied for the match and was selected for a position in internal medicine in Maryland at XXXX Medical Center, but because my working visa was delayed—as a result of being from Yemen--I lost my position. This is why I went to Qatar to do my internal medicine residency.

I wanted to be a doctor since childhood; much of this had to do with witnessing the deaths of my loved ones, particularly an uncle who I was very close to who bled to death because of severe thrombocytopenia. In general, the more I learned about how medicine is practiced in Yemen—the egregious lack of expertise—the more determined I became to study medicine beyond the borders of my own nation.

While I am no longer a young man, I am still in the prime of my health with vast energy levels; and I profit greatly from the fact that I have constant experience in internal medicine and critical care since I graduated from medical school in 2000. I began working as a general doctor in the Department of Internal Medicine at Yemen’s XXXX Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in the country. It has been as a resident in internal medicine in Qatar for 4 years, however, and now as a fellow, that I have really grown most fully comfortable with the complex daily challenges of being a physician and I have come to love the stress and the long hours that I have given to medicine in Qatar for nearly 5 years now.

I dream of being a leader in my country, Yemen, in the area of pulmonology. Lung disease in Yemen is exacerbated by widespread poverty combined with scant medical resources. Tobacco use presents additional, profound challenges. Thus, my people are in desperate need of pulmonologist who have recent training in a cutting edge institution such as yours. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in support of diversity and the global practice of medicine.

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