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Emergency Medicine Residency, Indian Applicant

“In nothing do men more nearly approach humanity than giving health to men.”

 I am applying to enter the Medical Residency Program in Emergency Medicine at XXXX because I feel it offers the most diverse and inclusive setting in which to become immersed in the cutting-edge practice of emergency …

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Residency Emergency Medicine, Caribbean School

I am thankful for the cold, blunt realization that accompanied waking up in an emergency room that day in Colorado. This skiing accident as a college student knocked me out and left me bleeding and torn. Still immature, undecided, and without a calling in life, all this began to change in ER at XXX…

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Emergency Medicine Residency, Lifeguard

In January of my first year of medical school. I began shadowing an FRCP-trained emergency physician regularly. I have done other career shadowing and have had many clinical clerkship experiences. None of these have been as satisfying as my experiences in emergency medicine. I was given the opportun…

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Residency Emergency Medicine, Latin America

I am a physician from Venezuela who is a soldier against death in my country. One of the most powerful moments of my life occurred in a crematorium. The shantytowns around Caracas, Venezuela, had been decimated by mudslides; I was working for the Venezuelan Red Cross, seeing patients from the tail…

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