Residency Family Medicine Canada, Older Applicant

I am a doctor from India who decided to move to Canada on a permanent basis and I came here two years ago, in 2012. At first I was hesitant concerning undertaking my studies for examinations that I would need to practice medicine here in Canada, because of my age; I am now 52 years old. I made the decision to study hard and do my best on the examinations so that I could practice medicine in Canada for two reasons. First, I am an excellent physician who has always done well on examinations, regularly scoring higher than physicians younger than I am. Second, I came to understand that numerous physicians working here in Canada continue to serve into their 60’s and even 70s. I was shown on the University of BC web site, for example, where 5 or 6 doctors on the team in Family Medicine were grandmothers even older than I am.

As compensation for my advanced age, I offer extensive experience in the area of family medicine, and I feel strongly that extensive experience is especially important in this area of medicine, where the complexity of families and their issues is something that one can begin to more fully understand only through a great deal of experience. In addition to my extensive experience in Family Medicine, I also have two years experience as an emergency physician in a tertiary level hospital which I see as highly complementary to the practice family medicine.

I am a very positive person and I have served as a leader and mentor to younger generations for many years now. I am also a very open minded person and an extremely hard worker who thrives on long working hours on her feet. I always to the very best that I can, leaving the rest in God’s hands. I do have to ask for special consideration with respect to one critical aspect of my application. Since I finished medical school in India in 1984, there have been so many administrative changes since 1984 at the Government Medical College in Patiala, India, the program which I attended, that my school records are no longer available. Thus, I have no way to get a letter from the Dean of my medical school.

Throughout the course of my career as a doctor in India, I was an active member of the Rotary Club helping to organize and staff camps providing free medical checkups as well as polio immunizations. I also served for years with eye care camps, examining patients and assisting with cataract surgeries.

I spent 25 years in my home country, India, as a family physician. I am very passionate about my profession and very dedicated to the family, which stands at the core of my service and my professional identity. Becoming a family physician in Canada has been the long term dream that I have sustained for some time. Being accepted to and completing your residency program in family medicine will be the crowning achievement of my life so far and will prepare me to continue to give my all here in Canada to the practice for medicine for the two decades. I want very much to continue to serve in my new community as a physician, the only profession that I have ever known. In my home country, I almost always worked in a rural community, so that I could serve those people who could not afford medical services in the cities. I have a great wealth of experience as a family physician, especially with respect to the medically underserved, treating highly diverse patient populations and dealt with a broad spectrum of symptoms, diseases, and treatments.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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