Residency Family Medicine, Polish Doctor

I graduated in Poland in 2008 from the prestigious University of Medical Sciences in XXXX following a demanding and rewarding six year program and moved to the US, shortly after qualifying. My goals are to obtain a Family Medicine Residency, excel within it and to become a dedicated and highly effective practitioner.

I was born into a poor semi-rural family and community and was the first university graduate from my school and so am personally familiar with the lives of the underprivileged communities with which I seek to work. I entered medicine in order to help such communities and I see Family Medicine as the specialty that will enable me to do so most effectively.

Since moving to the US, I have sought exposure to Family Medicine in various roles. I have been involved in research at Suny Downstate University Hospital and worked closely with primary care physicians from rural areas. I have also worked in a nursing home and assisted a number of Family Medicine practitioners in the US. These experiences have fully confirmed me in my choice of specialty.

I am particularly interested in providing effective preventative health care education. I am also aware that the population is aging rapidly and that this will greatly affect the practice of this specialty. I have an affinity with old people that derives from my heritage in which the old are afforded particular respect and consideration. I am keen to assist the elderly to extend and enhance their active lives. It is clear that innovative approaches to meet this challenge will be required and I look forward to helping to find and apply them.

I am interested in a ‘holistic’ approach to medicine which this specialty will enable me to fully apply. I also seek variety in the conditions and patient types that I treat. I know that the specialty requires a particularly high level of diagnostic skill calling for the analytical skills that I have developed in my research work. I get along easily with others which will enable me to foster trusting and long term relationships with patients and their families. Not least, I possess a well developed sense of humor.

I exercised leadership and effective team working during my university days when I was vice president of its sports organization. I am a keen swimmer and volleyball player and see sport as a wonderful way to maintain and enhance health that I always encourage in others.

I consider myself to be a very caring person and have been engaged in voluntary charitable work since my schooldays. I was involved in helping AID’s sufferers and their families and in the provision of food parcels to poor families, organizing events for poor children and have worked as a first-aider. The most satisfying project was an annual one providing presents and seasonal ‘treats’ to poor families at Christmas time.

I am aware that cultural sensitivity is particularly important in Family Medicine. Having successfully adapted to a different culture, I can empathize with those facing such challenges. I enjoy mixing with people of many cultures and social backgrounds. I speak Polish, English and have some facility in Spanish and Portuguese which I am working to improve.

I wish to address the fact that I did not pass USMLE Steps 1 and 2ck at the first attempts. I was perhaps a little underprepared and there existed some ‘gaps’ in my language skills but these are now fully remedied.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants for Residencies in this popular specialty. However, I genuinely feel that I am an excellent candidate. I am passionately interested in pursuing this specialty to ‘make a difference’ in the world and believe that I possess the background and characteristics necessary to excel within it.

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