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General Surgery Residency, Egyptian

Graduating from medical school in my native Egypt in 2003, I am now a highly dedicated international physician with more than ten years of experience practicing as a doctor in Internal Medicine with close attention to the details of surgery for many years. Most of that time was spent working long ho…

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Residency General Surgery, Saudi Arabian Surgeon

I like to think of myself as one of Saudi Arabia’s most promising young surgeons. This is supported by the fact that I have sponsored by our Ministry of Health to participate in your distinguished program. Your institution is a world leader as you know, and the Saudi Arabian medical professional has…

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Residency General Surgery, Saudi Applicant

I focused my life early on the goal of becoming the finest surgeon that I possibly could become. This is because I found it to be the most intellectually stimulating avenue of medical inquiry. Surgery, for me, is the practice of medicine at its fullest stage of fruition; and I shall always take deli…

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