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Internal Medicine in Canada (CARMS), Saudi Doctor

Among the Saudi Arabian doctors with whom I have had the privilege to work, those who have gone abroad for additional training and experience, most have done so in Canada. They have all told me about the beautiful experiences that they had in Canada, and I hope to follow in their footsteps and receive additional training and experience in Canada as well, to become the most acceptable physician possible in my country, Saudi Arabia. Practicing and learning in Canada will empower me to make significant contributions to medical care in my country, not only as a practicing physician but also contributing to the advancement of public health in general. For this reason, I applied to and was accepted to begin the MPH program at the University of Miami starting in August of this year, 2015.  This is an intensive one-year program that I will complete in May of 2016. I am writing to you because I hope to begin a residency program in IM in Canada emphasizing cardiology after completing my MPH Degree.

I have been at my current position, XXXX Medical Complex, for one year, serving as an internal medicine associate senior specialist. Before my present work, I did at XXXX Hospital & Research Center in Saudi Arabia from October of 2009 through December of 2013. I was promoted to the position of Chief Resident of the IM Department for my last year of service at XXXX. I hope to continue to practice and learn as part of the team at one of the most advanced programs in the world, a program such as yours in Canada.  Given that our area of medicine is so very vast and diverse, I also seek to develop a sub-specialization in interventional cardiology, and I hope to publish in this area at some point in the future, especially concerning developments in Interventional Cardiology in Saudi Arabia.

Heart disease is one of the top killers in my country, and this has resulted in my being exceptionally highly motivated to excel in this area. This is also why I chose to complete an 18-month residency in cardiology here in Saudi Arabia at XXXX Hospital in Jeddah (December 2007-July 2009). In this position, I learned a great deal. I acquired invaluable experience not only in cardiology but especially in interventional cardiology and electrophysiology as well, serving in a state-of-the-art medical center, one of the best in my country. Still only 34 years old, I look forward to many decades to come learning everything that I can about Internal Medicine, especially interventional cardiology, and putting what I know to work in my practice of medicine. Completing your distinguished residency program in the USA would provide me with the knowledge and tools that I need to proceed with a fellowship in this area and to later return to Saudi Arabia to train new generations of physicians in IM and Cardiology. We have a massive shortage of well-trained physicians in y country, which is why many of our doctors are foreigners.

In my work as Chief Resident at XXXX, I also become very much involved in administrative duties, serving as the supervisor of our employee clinic and Chairman of the Medical Records Committee. My principal role models in recent years have been those doctors and nurses with whom I have worked, particularly those who excel in terms of their compassion and their ability to treat patients in ways that bring out the best of our humanity in terms of hands-on care, those who genuinely distinguish themselves in terms of their love for their fellow human beings. I also very much admire those doctors who serve as excellent administrators and emulate their capacity for organization and their ability to supervise and inspire others.

This coming June, I will become ECFMG certified, and I have finished Step 2 CK & CS and am only left with step 1. I have been treating various diseases and a great diversity of patients in Saudi Arabia. The experience of serving as Chief Resident, in particular, provided me with the additional privilege of enhancing my teaching and leadership skills. I passed my final internal medicine board exam with honors, in 3rd place nationwide, (one of only ten honorary degree holders in the kingdom in 2013).

Since I was in primary school, I have wanted to become a doctor because of my deep admiration for how they relieve pain and suffering. This passion was further intensified as I grew up, increasingly appreciating how good doctors make very positive differences in patients’ outcomes. By my first year of medical school, I knew that I wanted to develop a specialty in internal medicine, cardiology in particular. My philosophy of medical practice is very holistic, which I feel strongly is especially appropriate for this specialty of medicine. While my long-term goal is to become the most exemplary cardiologist possible, I feel very strongly that to do this I need to first become the best doctor that I can become in the area of IM because a great cardiologist must first be a great internist.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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