Residency in Internal Medicine, Uzbekistan

I am an experienced Internist who has worked for over a decade in the Uzbek medical system. I moved to the US five years ago upon marriage. I seek a challenging and supportive residency as an Internist so I can successfully practice my specialty in the US.

I was among the highest achievers in the former USSR school system. I was awarded the ‘Golden Medal’ for my efforts, the highest award for schoolchildren that then existed. During medical studies, I was awarded a prestigious national scholarship available only to students who had consistently recorded ‘A’ Grades in their work and been active in academic life, research and voluntary activity. My determination to be the best derives from very positive and inspirational parental influence, in the patriarchal society in which I was raised this was very unusual. My five siblings, all girls, are all very successful in their chosen fields.

I chose medicine at a very early age. From the moment that I understood that the people in white coats made sick people well again. I have never wavered and regard medicine more as a vocation than a mere career choice. From the third year, of six, undergraduate years, I worked as a volunteer nurse in obstetrics/gynecology, neurosurgery and internal medicine for about one year in each. This was very valuable as it provided experience of life from a nurse’s viewpoint and has aided me in my life as a physician.

Following graduation, I was offered a post as a Junior Researcher at the Tashkent State Medical Institute and worked there for three years. I learned the techniques applied and also that successful research requires certain personal characteristics such as intellectual curiosity, determination, persistence and diligence. I believe that I am a good researcher; I enjoyed my research experience and hope to assist in further research during the residency.

Following three years in research, I wanted to return to ‘hands on’ medicine involving significant patient contact and began work in Internal Medicine at the XXXX Wellness Center in Uzbekistan. I consider Internal Medicine as the specialty most suited to my interests and characteristics. I am interested in a ‘holistic’ approach which this specialty enables me to apply in full. I seek variety in the conditions and patient types that I treat. I am aware that the aged will make up a growing proportion of patients and I have an affinity with old people that derives from my heritage in which the old are afforded particular respect and consideration. I know that Internal Medicine requires a particularly high level of diagnostic skill calling for the analytical skills that I have developed over the years. I get along easily with others and this will enable me to foster trusting and long term relationships with patients. I am also interested in preventative medicine and know that this is especially important in the poorer communities in which I hope to serve.

I know that cultural sensitivity is particularly important in Internal Medicine. Having successfully adapted to a very different culture, I can empathize with those facing such challenges. I enjoy mixing with people of many cultures and social backgrounds.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants but I genuinely consider myself to be an excellent candidate. I am highly qualified and have scored excellently in USMLE tests. I also have significant experience as an Internist in my home country. My main recommendation, however, is a passionate interest in promoting and maintaining health and a desire to apply my skills and knowledge for the well-being of patients as an Internist.

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