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Internal Medicine, Canada, Young Saudi Woman

Sill only 26 years old, I am a young woman doctor from Saudi Arabia who is proud of the strides that I have made so far in medicine. I hope to become part of the medical community in America by being selected for a Residency Position in Internal Medicine in the USA so that I can grow professionally and become a physician with international experience, driving me forward to excellence for my professional lifetime. Last year, I was able to spend 2 full months in Boston when my mother was being treated for her cancer and I fell very much in love with the cutting-edge fashion that medicine is practiced in the US.

For the past several years, even before I graduated from medical school, increasingly, my focus has been on the respiratory tract. I find everything about pulmonary medicine to be totally fascinating and I could not be more engaged with my specialty: Internal Medicine with a focus on respiratory ailments. Having the profound privilege of completing an Internship in my area in the United States would set me on a path towards becoming a leader in my country in the field of Pulmonology.

Now in my second year of a Internal Medicine Residency here in my home country of Saudi Arabia, throughout my residency position I have paid special attention to pulmonary cases and I have given a lot of my extra time to compiling almost weekly pulmonary function test reports for a laboratory in Canada so as to engage and continue to advance my learning in my area of special study. I have leadership experience in groups not only in medical school but even more importantly in my residency, serving as the chairperson for educational committees during my 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of medical studies and now during my second year in residency. I have also served for years as a volunteer in first aid during Ramadan and pilgrimage to Macca

Treating my patients is my life and my relationship with them informs the central core of my identity; they are what I go to sleep thinking about and wake up thinking about in the morning. Nothing brings me greater joy than spending time with my patients, counseling them, explaining their disease and treatment plan to them. I consider myself to be a highly motivated individual and I now feel strongly that I have sufficient experience to excel in your Residency Program, working in a variety of areas as a result of my different rotations and working with a broad variety of medical teams.

I have faced up to many difficult challenges, especially when my mother was diagnosed with cancer while I was a medical student. I was advised to think about taking some time off from my career but I decided to buckle down and continue despite my mother’s illness.

I also have some teaching experience, since I was selected as a tutor for my classmates in medical school who were lagging behind.  I also have experience in research, having finished 1 poster presentation and I am now working on 2 ongoing research projects. I participated in the administration of university and board exams as an examiner and simulator respectively. I have also taken additional courses to help me become a better researcher because I wish to make a leap forward to serve humanity through my work in the field of Internal Medicine. My interest in medicine grew out of my natural aptitude for the biological sciences and later being inspired by numerous teachers and physicians.  

I enjoy the great challenge of Internal Medicine, in particular, the amount of critical thinking and analysis that is required for reaching the correct diagnosis, ordering appropriate investigations, and providing the patient with the appropriate treatment.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program.

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