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LOR IM/Gastroenterology Residency, Chinese

Dear Selection Committee,

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of my student, friend and colleague Dr. XXXX. As a professor who is also board certified in Gastroenterology as well as Internal Medicine, I feel strongly that I have the capacity to recognize greatness in our field and that XXXX has what it takes to become an outstanding GI fellow and make major contributions to research in our field, especially over the long term.

I have worked side by side now with XXXX for some time and have had vast opportunity to observe her work and listen to her counsel. I got to know her about two years ago when she just started her medicine residency. She came to me for advice concerning her career development. I was greatly impressed by her strong interest in Gastroenterology at our very first meeting. Unlike other new US medical graduates, XXXX started as an experienced researcher and clinician. She obtained her MD degree at a top medical school in China then finished one year general medicine rotation there. She also earned a US master degree in Neuroscience and a US master degree in Nursing. She worked in the SICU as a critical care nurse and charge nurse for four years. She told me that she developed deep interest in clinical gastroenterology as well as academic research during past extensive exposure. She asked very good questions and appeared intelligent and motivated.

XXXX arranged a GI elective rotation at the beginning of her intern year, when I had a chance to work with her in a daily base. She worked closely with the consulting GI fellow under my supervision.  She quickly demonstrated her supremacy at many aspects including solid medical knowledge, outstanding ability of diagnosing, keenly clinical judgment, efficient working habit, dexterous hand skills and dependable personality.  She is courteous, articulate, and well-liked by the whole team. She always volunteered to come earlier and leave later to follow up old patients, see new consults, help with bedside procedures and participate research activities.

We have been spending lots of time talking about different topics of gastroenterology, the center of our mutual worlds. I am surprised by her passion and devotion to her determined goal-to become a future gastroenterologist. She has broad interest in gastroenterology including but not limited to high tech procedure, liver disease and GI malignancy screen. She spent lots of spare time in research during her very busy residency training. She published one case report and literature review with a GI fellow and me in a peer reviewed journal in her intern year. She is also involving in many ongoing projects. I am serving as XXXX’s research adviser for two projects. One project is submitted for presentation at the coming ACG annual conference. She is the first author of this project. She is also the acting leading investigator for the other project, which is a study on efficacy and necessity of prophylactic intubation before endoscopic intervention for variceal hemorrhage. She wrote the study protocol independently and followed through the institute IRB review. I was especially taken by XXXX’s creative mind and independent work ethic while work with her closely. She continued to read the literature independently and generate interesting hypotheses. She often presented inspiriting thoughts and up-to-date information that was new to me. She showed remarkable leadership in coordinating team approach to our project, which involved attending, GI fellow, residents and medical students. With her great effort and hard work, our project is progressing smoothly. We are aiming for presentation at the DDW conference next year and publication in a peered reviewed journal.

In summary, XXXX is one the best residents I ever had. She is highly intelligent, inquisitive, motivated, and creative. She has just the right combination of assertiveness and respect to make her a joy to work with in a team.  I believe that XXXX has the aptitude, demonstrated skill, tenacity, and drive to become an outstanding gastroenterologist.  I whole heartedly support her application for your coveted Gastroenterology fellowship without reservation.  She is the most worthy applicant that I have ever had the privilege to recommend.  Please feel free to contact me in support of her application.


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