LOR Dermatology, Filipina Doctor #3




City, State, Country

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a practicing Internist in Guam as well as an Associate Professor of Medicine, having completed my own medical studies at the University of XXXX. I am currently the incumbent President of the Guam Medical Society. XXXX has been a close professional ally of mind now for the last several years. I deeply admire her devotion to her work, to detail, and her conscientious effort to always do the very best possible in that task at hand.

She has been shadowing me during my rounds at the Guam Memorial Hospital as well as assisting me with my weekend schedule at a private clinic. I also supervise XXXX in the volunteer program at our hospital. In the clinic, she takes the patient's history and documents it in our medical records. She then presents the case to me and observes the physical examination of the patient. XXXX is distinguished in her ability to arrive at an accurate understanding on her own of the medical needs of our patients. She is insightful and curious with a sense of humor as well as a great sense of teamwork.

I heartily recommend XXXX for a medical residency position with your organization in the area of dermatology and internal medicine. I am certain that you will be pleased that you have given her this opportunity to prove her merit.


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