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Fellowship Obstetric Anesthesiology, Canada

I am a doctor from Saudi Arabia and I knew by the time that I finished medical school that I wanted to build a lifetime specialization in Anesthesia because this is the area that aroused my greatest, curiosity, passion, and inspired me to give my all. My efforts in this area were rewarded by obtaining a residency position at the XXXX University Hospital in XXXX, Germany where I have been serving as a resident in Anesthesia since 2011. I now have such extensive and international experience in the area of Anesthesia that I now feel that I am a strong candidate for entry into a fellowship program in Anesthesia where I will be given the opportunity to excel at research in my field of specialization. Increasingly, throughout the course of my now extended stay at XXXX University Hospital as an Anesthesiologist, I have been able to spend more and more time focused on the area of Anesthesiology in which I have a special interest: Obstetric Anesthesiology.

I have fallen very much in love with the extensive challenges in this area that arise from the fact that the Anesthesiologist is in fact treating two patients at the same time, the little one, in particular, being especially fragile and vulnerable. Since I have now have several years working with obstetric patients and serving as the leading anesthesiologist for countless childbirths in an advanced medical system such as that found in Germany, it is now time to have a new experience and to live and learn in another part of the Developed World where I will be able to learn new paradigms, techniques, and procedures.

I choose Canada to do my fellowship for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, you have much more to offer in the way of fellowship programs in my area, obstetric anesthesiology than does Germany. I also admire very much the way in which Canadian fellowship programs in Obstetric Anesthesiology are so very well structured and the way in which the fellow has the opportunity to engage in research in such a wide array of fields. I look forward to again using English as my primary professional language since, while it has improved a great deal over the course of the last several years, my German is still not as advanced as my English.

I had the invaluable opportunity while still in the KSA to learn directly from an Obstetric Anesthesiologist who had completed his fellowship in Canada and he became my principle role model since I deeply admired his ability not only with patients but also colleagues and students. Finally, I have been to Canada and absolutely loved what I saw all around me, the diversity and friendliness of Canadians, the beautiful natural landscape and cold weather. I spent extensive periods of time there when my sister was doing her postgraduate studies and your lovely country strikes me as the perfect place for me to expand my mental horizons and learn new skills wrestling with the challenges of research on the cutting edge in my field.

Completing a fellowship program in Obstetric Anesthesiology in Canada will prepare me for making my maximum long-term contribution to the development of Obstetric Anesthesiology in my native Jeddah, the city where I am from and ultimately intend to practice. There is a shortage of obstetric anesthesiologists in Jeddah and this is one of the reasons why I plan to establish my practice there. I also hope to teach Obstetric Anesthesiology in Saudi Arabia at some point in my career and remain active in research and publication in my field.

I will work in the University Hospital in Jeddah after completing my studies and practice abroad and it is important to note that there is no such thing as a routine epidural in normal vaginal delivery at that hospital because we simply don’t have enough obstetric anesthesiologists. When I return, I will be the first female obstetric anesthesiologist in my hospital which I sincerely hope will inspire other women doctors to serve in this critically important area in the future. In my humble opinion, women doctors have more to offer than their male counterparts in terms of empathy and understanding. Many women patients request female doctors in my country but they are all too often simply unavailable.

I especially look forward to learning as much and everything that I can about high risk pregnancies as a fellow in your program so as to prepare me for a long lifetime of service to the mother and her baby on the cutting edge of Obstetric Anesthesiology with a focus on Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the unique challenges that we face. Comforting patients prior to undergoing an operation and being the first person to be seen by them after they wake up gives me the greatest joy and happiness possible.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished fellowship program in Obstetric Anesthesiology.

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