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Ophthalmology Residency, British Doctor

During my clerkship year of medical school, I decided that I wanted to approach every specialty with an “open mind.” The curiosity about internal medicine attracted me, but so did the “operate” mentality of surgery. Before, and during undergrad, I spent quite a bit of time cutting hair. Hair-cutting…

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Fellowship Pediatric Ophthalmology, UAE

As a result of completing with you my Fellowship Program in Pediatric Ophthalmology, I will be well on my way toward becoming the one and only Emirati trained as a pediatric ophthalmologist in my country, the United Arab Emirates. I look forward, in particular, to the pursuit of cutting-edge excelle…

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Fellowship Pediatric Ophthalmology, Panama

I hope to learn as much as possible if accepted into your competitive fellowship program in pediatric ophthalmology so that I will be further prepared to meet my long-term goal, the daunting task of making eye care for children more accessible in my country, Panama. There are four pediatric ophthalm…

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Fellowship Ophthalmology, Saudi Arabian Woman

I am happy as an ophthalmologist that my name, XXXX, means a light bearer. My professional calling is to preserve and even restore eyesight, the light in our lives, and our principal sources of interaction with our environments.

My greatest love in life is children. And for this reason, I have chos…

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Residency in Ophthalmology, Russian Doctor, PHD

I was raised in a small town in Russia, but my education took me away to the big city from the age of 15 forward to work and study. I studied hard and eventually became a practicing ophthalmologist almost entirely on my own initiative. For years, I was a teenager alone in Moscow, independent, self-s…

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Ophthalmology Residency, Tribute to Mentor

If I had been asked to specify the qualities of someone who was to teach me any subject, I would have asked for a teacher who was deeply knowledgeable in his subject and passionate about it with the ability to pass those qualities on to others; someone who was courteous, kind, witty and genuinely in…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Academic

I am writing this letter to complement my application for a residency position in ophthalmology at XXXX. Since most of my personal details have been included in other portions of my application, I will summarize some pertinent points and give a little more background on why I have chosen to pursue …

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Residency Ophthalmology, University Center

The visual system has fascinated me since I was a child. In junior high school and high school, I saw several eye surgeries done by a local ophthalmologist. In college, I studied retinal cell biology in the lab of XXXX, MD, Ph.D. In the MSTP program at the University of XXXX, I worked with XXXX, Ph…

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Residency Position, Ophthalmologic Training

The first time I used a slit lamp, I was struck by the beauty of the iris. I could not have imagined that the human eye had such an intricate and exquisite structure. The ophthalmologist who introduced me to the slit lamp invited me to shadow him in his office . I viewed a retina in the teaching he…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Research

When I began medical school, I wasn't sure which field of medicine I would be most interested in pursuing. Now that I have explored the range of possibilities through preceptorships, research, and personal and clinical experiences, I have discovered that ophthalmology contains all of the elements o…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Australia

“Don’t worry; you’ll get it eventually,” Dr. Smith assured me, as I struggled with the slit lamp and became increasingly apologetic to the patient sitting behind it. “And once you get it, you’ll realize that there’s a whole new world at the back of the eye.” My interest in ophthalmology first bega…

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Residency, Ophthalmology, Surgery

No one knows it when it actually happens, but we never forget it when it does, defining moments, those few instances in time when our destiny is laid out before us. It was while growing up in a rural village in India. My father was our village's first doctor, and had served the community admirably.…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Self-motivated


I always excelled as a student, at or near the top of my class all the way through medical school. One of the reasons for my success has been my mastery of visual skills and imagery, something to which I have been consciously devoted since my childhood.


Since my first experiences with oph…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Middle East

I am a doctor from Iraq who was a mere toddler at the time of the Gulf War; I remember distinctly peering through my living room window at the street crowded with tanks and marching soldiers. A storm of light slashed across the night sky’s shock waves from distant explosions shattered a deceptive s…

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