Residency in Pediatrics, Canada, Saudi Pediatrician

My interest in pediatrics was initially prompted by a formative experience during my rotation in this specialty. I was involved in a very complex case where a newborn patient had multiple congenital anomalies and was suffering from cyanotic attack. Because of her critical condition, she was referred for treatment to various specialists in neurology, G.I.,

cardiovascular and genetics. In this position, I was able to learn a great deal through exposure to almost all of the fields that are most important for the pediatrician. I did a great deal of personal research concerning the above this case, in particular, and made a primary diagnosis of trisomy 13 or 18. I was delighted when the results of the chromosomal analysis of the blood sample matched for trisomy 13. Unfortunately my little patient died at 44 days but treating her fired within me an undying passion for pediatric medicine

I feel very strongly that I made the right choice in Pediatrics because of the way that this specialty provides me with the opportunity to treat many of our most vulnerable patients.

During the past year I have been working as a pediatrics resident in one of the finest hospitals in Saudi Arabia. I have worked with children in inpatient wards, E.R. and private clinics and I have realized that I not only enormously enjoy communicating with, and reassuring children and their families but that I feel that I have a natural gift and facility for treating children.

The profound experiences that I have had as a Pediatrician have strongly reinforced my decision to pursue this specialty. Now, I seek broader exposure and further experience in this area in Canada, which has a public system of health care that I very much admire for its effectiveness and affordability. I recently spent a month in Canada and greatly enjoyed my visit, especially the exposure to people from such a wide variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. I have also had the good fortune to work with alumni of Canadian universities and I very much admire their excellent work ethic coupled with their broad and up to date knowledge and understanding of medical issues.

I am convinced that my excellent academic results and professional experience to date will enable me to make important contributions to your program and I very much look forward to working with the vast resources that you have so that I will be able to provide state-of-the-art care to my patients in Canada. I especially enjoy working as a team and I particularly look forward to working with Canadian health care professionals with their vast preparation and dedication to their profession. I am aware that I shall be required to adapt very quickly to a new working environment in a culture to which I have thus far had only limited exposure. But I am highly adaptable and a quick learner and an adaptable, I am also a very friendly woman who does have a lot of experience working with teams of people from many different ethnic groups and social backgrounds in my home country.

It is my hope to undertake research in the future in the area of Pulmonology. I acquired an interest in this area working as a volunteer in several public health campaigns in our struggle against H1N1 and TB prevention. As I have worked in an academic hospital, I have had the invaluable opportunity to teach as well; I have greatly enjoyed teaching and my colleagues have suggested that I am an excellent teacher as well as a physician. I hope to eventually combine teaching and practicing in the future. Having the great privilege of serving in a residency program in Canada will provide me with invaluable additional experience with a great variety of patients and this experience would help me to achieve my long term goals and enable me to share the knowledge that I acquire with future generations of pediatricians.

I am also aware that there will be stiff competition from many well qualified applicants; but I genuinely feel that my professional experience to date along with my great passion for this specialty makes me an exceptional candidate. I also have a fervent desire to contribute to the ongoing improvement of our systems of health education and I believe that an outstanding pediatrician should also be an excellent educator. Especially as a result of my voluntary work in H1N1 and our Stop TB Campaign, I have come to more fully appreciate the way in which education is the cornerstone of disease prevention and the avoidance of chronic complication. During these campaigns, we visited schools and malls and educated people from all different age groups and these experiences were especially fulfilling as they served to enhance our community spirit. If I am accepted for a residency position in Canada, I will be the 1st general pediatrician in my hospital to have had this invaluable experience. This will provide me with the opportunity upon my return to my country to work to enrich and improve our own Pediatrics Department

I have especially thrived over the last two years by being on call in our hospital, always ready at a moment’s notice. The hardest part of my profession, for me, has been breaking bad news to patients and their families. But over time, I have worked to enhance my bedside manner to better deal with the trauma of this experience for those affected. While serving on call, I have had to deal with many parents and often, this is especially difficult. I usually did intubation for neonates during the code blue under the supervision of our senior physician. I also appreciate the responsibility of serving as a leader of my round during my first year of residency as I constantly seek to improve my leadership skills as a team member.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my application.

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