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Blog posts : "Plastic Surgery Residency"

Plastic Surgery Residency, Saudi

Now 25 and an accomplished physician, I hope to complete a residency program in plastic surgery at XXXX University Hospital to receive the finest, state-of-the-art training and exposure available in our country, Saudi Arabia, to prepare myself for a lifetime of cutting-edge performance as a plastic …

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Plastic Surgery Residency, Iranian

A very hard worker and a dedicated student, I am a humble doctor who seeks to become a highly successful surgeon, remarkably effective, creative, and always open to discovery and improvement. I especially appreciate how surgery is such a highly specialized field, requiring enormous diligence and a d…

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Medical Residency, Plastic Surgery

First, I came across a newspaper article describing the lives of many orphans in China who were abandoned by their parents because they were born with congenital disabilities like cleft lip and palate. Several weeks later, friends returning from China corroborated this harsh reality with vivid firs…

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