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Plastic Surgery Residency, Saudi

Now 25 and an accomplished physician, I hope to complete a residency program in plastic surgery at XXXX University Hospital so as to receive the finest, state-of-the art training and exposure available in our country, Saudi Arabia, in order to prepare myself for a lifetime of cutting edge performance as a plastic surgeon. Since November of last year, 2015, I have been training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at XXXX University hospital. Immediately prior to this position I had been training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at XXXX Medical City, October, 2015. My hands-on opportunities in surgery began with a summer elective training in the General Surgery Department at XXXX, June/July, 2012.

There are a broad variety of factors that have led me to pursue a lifetime specialization in the area of Plastic Surgery. Most of all, I enjoy the high-tech aspects of our field; the constant innovation and ongoing progress. Before I go to sleep each night I am reviewing the latest details of advancement in our field and I wake up thinking about it in the morning. I especially look forward to serving as a plastic surgeon who is part of a team that helps people in poor areas who need plastic surgeries for congenital defects or after trauma. I have always been fascinated by plastic surgery, how such delicate work directly affects the patient's life and changes it forever. I pay especially close attention to the many patients who have suffered from major injuries or defects that not only affect their health condition but also have a major psychological impact, resulting in feelings of insecurity and social isolation. For me, plastic surgery is not all about being pretty; perhaps its greatest value is returning a sense of normalcy to the patient that enables him to again interact with others in normal ways. I look forward to a long engagement with the literature in this area.

The two aspects of plastic surgery that I see as central to my own professional aspirations include both ‘cosmetic’ surgery and ‘restorative’ surgery. It brings me great joy to make all of my clients more beautiful and handsome. It is a special privilege, however, to help in the fullest restoration possible of those who have been victims of accidents or some form of violence that has left them injured and in need of restorative surgery. I also prize the fact that plastic surgeons have an enormous impact on people’s lives and a great opportunity to improve them. It was my surgery rotations and the exposure that I have had so far to plastic surgery so far, in particular, that excites me the most and I am certain that I can truly distinguish myself in your program as a result of the great passion and drive that I have for learning all that I can and putting what I learn to very good use in this area.

I see your Residency Program in Plastic Surgery at XXXX University as the strongest and most rigorous program in the KSA, capable of providing me with the very finest of postgraduate experiences in Plastic Surgery. I have spent years working hard to perfect my skills and abilities with respect to team work, teaching, research, volunteering and leadership under the supervision of my seniors, and I look forward to continuing to do so at XXXX University learning from the finest plastic surgeons in our country.

I have a passion for both cooking and interior design, especially the former, as it intersects with my personal as well as professional interests as a doctor and a lifetime student of human well-being. This helps to make me pleasant to be around because I say wise things about food and diet, as well as contributing to creativity in the design of our workspace with an eye towards increasing efficiency. What gets me most fired up of all, however, is the opportunity to do a presentation. With a competitive nature in this area, I only do my very best, which won first place at the 5th Research Summer School Oral Presentation Competition at XXXX International Medical Research Center in 2013, and second place at the Sixth Scientific Forum for Al Imam Mohammad Ibn at Saud University, in 2015. I was also selected for and completed a summer training program at the Global Health Research Institute at The University of XXXX for the summer of 2014.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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