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Residency Radiology, Medical Imaging, Pakistani

A resident position in medical imaging would be a dream come true for me, especially as it would prepare me for a lifetime of service teaching medical imaging to students at a university. I am a very hardworking and dedicated person who is highly committed to my work and extremely motivated to furth…

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Radiology Residency Woman Doctor from Iraq

I am a very bright and enthusiastic young woman from Iraq who graduated in second place in her medical school class. An experienced doctor and now a permanent resident of the USA, I want to give my all to your residency program in radiology. I have now been cultivating a special focus in radiology f…

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Radiology Residency, Saudi Doctor

My short and long term goals in life are to become the very best radiologist that I can be. I am thankful that my government has granted me a scholarship to complete a residency position in America, medically the most powerful country in the world. I am certain that the government of my country, Sau…

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