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Medical Residency Orthopedic, Pediatric Surgery

The crowning joy of my life so far has been helping people to walk, or to walk again. I find the experience of helping children to be particularly exhilarating. After years of being told that she would only be able to walk with crutches if she wasn't confined to a wheelchair, a 10-year old patient w…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Self-motivated


I always excelled as a student, at or near the top of my class all the way through medical school. One of the reasons for my success has been my mastery of visual skills and imagery, something at which I have been consciously devoted since my childhood.
Ever since my first experiences wit…

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Radiology Residency, Diagnostic Modalities

I quit my job as Director of Strategic Marketing for a billion dollar firm when I began medical school, having pursued a career in marketing and information technology that culminated in a great deal of success, at least financially. Yet, I was not satisfied with the direction in which my life h…

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Residency IM, World Health, Indian

My decision to enter medicine is a coalescence of several driving forces. My admiration and respect for doctors and their noble work is one of my primary reasons for wanting to pursue a career in medicine. The other is the simple fact that the vast ocean of knowledge, the continual advances in treat…

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