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Residency in Ophthalmology, Russian Doctor, PHD

I was raised in a small town in Russia, but my education took me away to the big city from the age of 15 forward to work and study. I studied hard and eventually became a practicing ophthalmologist almost entirely on my own initiative. For years, I was a teenager alone in Moscow, independent, self-s…

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Residency Psychiatry, Puerto Rican Doctor

I am a physician from Puerto Rico and I would like very much to do my residency training in psychiatry. I am looking forward to finding a program that will help me not only to train as a psychiatrist but also provide me with the professional opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills. As a Hispanic…

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Residency Family Medicine, Primary Care

Many of my life circumstances have motivated me to pursue the especially rewarding field of Family Practice in medicine. Of central importance was growing up in an impoverished Indian household, and the lengthy obstacle course which I was forced to successfully complete, in order to break the shac…

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Ob Gyn Residency Surgery, Women's Health

Women’s health has always been an important issue for me. I was born and raised in the small community of XXXX population of 900 people. Throughout my youth, my community was fortunate to have three permanent physicians. All three were wonderful doctors but all male. I watched women in XXXX and su…

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