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Residency Position in Psychiatry, Iranian Doctor

I am a physician and a psychiatrist from Iran, now practicing in America. I follow the famous Persian poet, Ferdowsi, insofar as I see the mind as a mirror of the body with suffering written all over the faces of those who bear it. Long ago, I first became interested in psychiatry as a result of my …

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Radiology Residency, Saudi Doctor

My short and long term goals in life are to become the very best radiologist that I can be. I am thankful that my government has granted me a scholarship to complete a residency position in America, medically the most powerful country in the world. I am certain that the government of my country, Sau…

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Residency Diagnostic Radiology: Saudi Woman

I am a Saudi woman born in Canada, raised and trained in Saudi Arabia and now residing in Chicago. I hold a first class MBBS degree awarded by the King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah. My goal is to undertake a residency in Diagnostic Radiology, sub-specializing in Interventional Radiology, in Canad…

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Residency Physiatrist, Physical Rehabilitation

In the banquet room of an Italian restaurant in Northern Alaska, my high school track coach addressed his team and their families at the end of the season. Most senior athletes were complimented on either a winning season or a season of hard work. I had accomplished neither. In addressing me in fron…

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