Radiology Residency, Love & Passion

Radiology first saved my life and then stole my heart. After enduring activity-limiting hip pain for five years of adolescence, it was the teamwork of an internist and radiologist who jointly diagnosed the developmental dysplasia of my hip. My experience as a patient, seeing first-hand how dramatically medical intervention can affect the quality of one's life, strengthened my resolve to become a physician and planted the seed for following a career in radiology.
During my undergraduate studies, I gravitated towards organic chemistry, a science rooted in fluid reasoning and spatial conception. I also thoroughly enjoyed physics, a subject where I could find answers to my frequent 'why' questions. Although these interests fed my intellectual curiosity for the sciences, my analytical, yet perceptive nature led me to acquire a second major in religious studies. Being one who seeks variety, my undergraduate education included numerous dynamic experiences. As a senior, I traveled abroad to ten countries through my college's academic Global Program. Already having a strong predilection for medicine, I created the opportunity to learn about health issues facing our international community. From participating in interactive educational sessions at the WHO and International Red Cross/Red Crescent to witnessing medically unstable patients needlessly waiting in long lines seeking medical care in Cairo, I solidified my commitment to myself to pursue a career in medicine.
At the time, I didn't realize that there existed such a perfect fit between being an integral part of human healing and my propensity for visual and spatial concept integration. This revelation occurred when I decided to career shadow a radiologist, the type of doctor who identified the root of my past pain, now to enlighten me on a new and intriguing realm within medicine. I identified my desire to become part of a dynamic and quickly advancing discipline that challenges the clinician to actively develop or modify new skills. I realized that I sought a field that was academically challenging, encompassing a breadth of multiple systems, yet maintaining an importance on attention to detail. I rediscovered my pursuit to become a physician in comparison to the other health professions, namely my underlying desire to become an astute diagnostician. The conclusion became evident--my ideal vocation is radiology.
Medical school is another chapter in my life that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Growing up in a rural town in XXXX has helped me to identify with my current residence in this community-oriented, fishing outport in XXXX. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to train at a faculty nationally recognized for producing top-of-the-line clinicians, as well as a school supportive of their students engaging in community service. Community service has always been an important part of my life, a reason why I devoted time after graduating from college to become an inner city youth director in XXXX. Here in XXXX a colleague and I committed to establishing an antiviolence campaign to protect women, produced the premiere performance of the Vagina Monologues. We brought together thirty-five women from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and experiences to coordinate the artistic direction with a highly publicized campaign. Although it was a challenge to balance my dedication to this cause with the academic strains of school, it became the highlight of my pre-clerkship. My determination was doubly rewarded with top honors in concurrent courses while selling out a 1000+ capacity theatre and raising $12,000 for the community that I now call my home.
I have also enjoyed my core rotations throughout clerkship and have been consistently impressed by the degree to which the various specialties of medicine rely on diagnostic imaging in order to reach a diagnosis. Radiologists are treated as respected colleagues by each medical specialty, and have the privilege of being involved in a fascinating variety of cases. Being a member of this specialty would permit me to work as a team with my colleagues to quickly and effectively reach a diagnosis that can guide the treatment plan for patients.
As a member of this discipline, I will strive to become one who makes a significant contribution. During residency I hope to have ample opportunity to instruct medical students, sharing my infectious enthusiasm for the specialty. My passion for teaching and conviction for improving curriculum will culminate, optimistically in the near future, in developing and facilitating an integration of radiology into the basic science curriculum at an affiliated university. At this time, my interests lean towards body imaging, an area I will consider for fellowship. Throughout my training and beyond, I hope to further the progress of this specialty through original studies, as I have just started to scratch the surface in exploring the research possibilities in radiology. But, ultimately, the final goal I expect of myself is to become a perceptive clinician upon whom fellow doctors can confidently depend. This is why I have selected Radiology. Your program provides excellent teaching and ample opportunity to witness a wide range of pathologies, as well as creates an environment that fosters research. I have complete confidence that the Radiology program can help me to reach my potential as an astute radiologist. And, together, we can make progress in the radiology field.

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